THe Black Death Run

Sunday 11th May 2014 – 11am



Black Death Start





Welcome to the Black Death Run, probably the toughest off road run in the Country, yet still very achievable for even a modest runner.  It is estimated that less than 3% of last years runners ran the entire course, most walked the steepest hills. So join the crowd, run when you can, walk when you cannot, and enjoy the fabulous surroundings that this private estate offers.

The race is run on the Combe Sydenham Country Park estate - for more details please click on the link. Directions to the race can be found on by clicking on the Directions button on the left of this page or click here.

The main race is a challenging but stunning course of 10 miles and if you are not quite ready for the main event, join the 3 milers for a less demanding, but equally impressive run or walk. When you have finished the run, have collected your highly original themed memento you can enjoy a bath or shower (streams and lakes available!), you can ejoy the scenary and relax with a beer. The Cotleigh bar will be selling local ales and there will be a wide range of good quality food on offer.

Forget the sandwiches, and bring the family for a date on the running calender not to be missed, there should be something for everyone.

A big thanks to everyone who took part in the race yesterday - runners, marshals, officials and the people selling refreshments and food at the end!

We offer sincere apologies for the mistakes with the marshalling yesterday. It's fair to say that this has been the most challenging year to put on the Black Death run with the weather playing a huge part in the problems that had to be overcome. We were only aware that there were problems with the course when runners started to come back early, by which time it was impossible to identify where the probems were and to send someone out to fix them. We'd lost most Saturday with an accident on the course so setting up was even more chaotic than usual! Still - the vast majority took the problems in their stride and had a good laugh once they'd got back. Quite a few of you were wearing various GPS devices so just did a few extra loops to make up the distance. Some did quite a few extra loops and we had finishing distances that varied from 6 miles to I think 14!

The race results are now online so please click on the DB Max logo.

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